Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I bring mud into your car wash?"

If you have a muddy vehicle, please use manual bays 3 or 4 as they are our 'mud bays'. Lights in the mud bays turn off around 1am. Once mud has fallen from your vehicle, please push it under your vehicle towards the centre of the bay. This allows somebody to use the bay after you if it can't be cleaned up promptly by an attendant; keeps the mud from being taken out of the bay when you drive over it; and stops mud flinging back onto your vehicle from your tyres after you drive over it.


"Can I bring in my caravan, boat, trailer, motorbike etc. to your car wash?"

Yes. The easiest bay to enter and exit for long vehicles, long trailers and caravans is Manual Bay 3.

We can accommodate nearly anything that will fit in our manual bays, as long as whatever you bring in doesn't leave a heap of debris scattered around we are usually ok with it. For example, we ask that trailers with stones or debris, horse floats and ute trays etc. be swept out and any debris is put into one of our rubbish bins.

We have also seen customers bring in:

  • Plant equipment (bobcats, back hoes, stump munchers, dingo diggers etc.)
  • Agricultural equipment (grain handling, stock handling etc.)
  • Golf carts
  • Empty wheelie bins
  • BBQs
  • Rangehood exhaust screens (home and industrial)
  • Vents and screens from air conditioning systems
  • Fly screens from windows

Most items can be washed at our car wash, we just ask that you try to not leave a big mess. If required you can borrow a broom, shovel, dustpan and brush.


"What is your maximum height in the manual bays?"

Maximum height we can accommodate is 3.8 meters.


"What is your maximum height and length in the automatic washes?"

Maximum size of a vehicle in the automatic wash (including any attachments, tow bars, bull bars, ladders, roof racks etc) is 2.1 meters high, 4m long.


"I accidentally sucked up something in your vacuums, can I get it back?"

Ask an attendant or Contact Us as soon as you think you have vacuumed up something that you want back. Usually we can find your item for you.


"Do you do car detailing?"

See our Car Detailing page for more info.


"I or somebody I know can't vacuum or wash their car, can it be done for me?"

If you have a disability or injury, then yes, we can vacuum and wash a car for somebody who can't do it themselves. We do not charge extra for this service, whatever the vacuum and wash cost is what we charge. Contacting Us to make an appointment is very much preferred than just dropping in.


"What can't be brought to the car wash?"

  • Cement mixers or equipment with any wet cement on them
  • Equipment used in the process of asphalting

It is up to the attendant on duty's discretion to decide whether what you bring in is allowed to be washed.


"Can I leave my vehicle running in the automatic wash?"

Yes. On hot days it is a good idea to leave your vehicle running with the air conditioning going while in the automatic wash. On cold days you can leave the vehicle running with the heater on.

Turning off any automatic wipers is a good idea so that soap from the wash has time to work on any grime, bugs etc. on your windshields instead of being wiped away.

Remember to make sure your vehicle is in park, preferably with the handbrake on, until your wash has finished.


"I left something at your wash, is it still there?"

Usually our attendants find items and put them away in case they are still wanted, but if you leave something we can't guarantee it will be there later. We generally keep items for about two weeks before throwing them out. If you think you have left something at our wash, please Contact Us as soon as possible.


If you have any questions that aren't answered by our website, please Contact Us.