Automatic Washing

Our two convenient automatic touchless washes both accept coins, notes, credit/debit cards (tap and pay and swipe) and WashCards. You dont even have to get out of your vehicle to pay!

With two automatics at our wash you generally have your wash quickly. Our automatics wash your car much faster than if they were manually washed.

If you haven't washed your vehicle in a month or more we generally advise you to clean it manually rather than use the automatic wash.

While we have tweaked our soaps and wash packages to try and clean even the dirtiest of vehicles, some vehicles are just too dirty for the automatic to clean them properly. If we see that your vehicle is too dirty for the automatic wash we may advise you to manually wash your car. In particular, our automatics are not designed to remove thick built up mud from vehicles, especially in the wheel wells.

If you lose your automatic wash receipt or our entry systems don't print a receipt, our attendants can print one for you, or you can request a credit card receipt here.

If you have a problem with our automatic washes, look for an attendant or Contact Us.