Dog Wash

Dog Wash

If you have trouble washing your dog at home, then our dog wash is just what you need! Both fenced off dog washes have their own supply of warm water, shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick rinse and a blow dryer.

Our two cash, credit card or WashCard enabled K9000 dog washes means less wait time!

There are restraints inside each wash tub for dogs that do not want to sit still. Each tub has two restraints so you can wash to small to medium sized dogs at once.

Tips for the dog wash

  • Bring a towel to dry off you dog in case your dog doesn't like the blow dryer, or if you dog has very long hair
  • Bring a couple of treats to give to your dog after the wash to reward them
  • The minimum time of 10 minutes should allow you two wash two medium sized dogs without extra payment
  • Try not to spray your dog in the face with water to avoid the dog shaking off, wet your hand and wipe your dogs face to clean it