• Good for the environment!

    Good for the environment!

  • Pamper your pooch

    Pamper your pooch

Operating status

During the COVID19 pandemic Cruisers Car Wash is still operating with restrictions set out by the Australian Government. We have a minimum amount of staff working at a single time so please be patient if you need any help.

When visiting our premises please keep in mind the following:

  • Stay at least 1.5 meters away from other customers and staff

  • Staff will try and help you without approaching or touching personal items where possible

  • Change machines, manual bay guns and brush handles, card swipe areas, buttons and machines etc are cleaned often but we can’t guarantee cleanliness for every customer

Enviromentally friendly

Look after the Environment

Washing your vehicle at a car wash is the most important way you can help the environment and keep your vehicle clean and shiny. Contaminants from washing your vehicle at a car wash do not go to the stormwater drains and directly to our water ways!


Smelly trees black ice vanillaroma cherry blackberry clove new car scent

Special - Smelly Trees

Our five different smelly tree fragrances are only $1 each when purchased with a prepaid Bonus WashCard!

Currently our tree fragrances are New Car Smell, Blackberry Clove, Vanillaroma, Wild Cherry and Black Ice.

See an attendant for more details.

Manual bays splatter wax

Special - Manual Bays

When purchasing or recharging a Bonus WashCard you can get up to an extra 20% bonus credit!

Also, when using your WashCard in our manual bays you get 2 minutes per dollar instead of 1 minute 45 seconds!

See an attendant for more details.

Manual car washing

Manual Washing

Our four high pressure manual bays have all the soaps and waxes you need to make your vehicle shine.

We accept coins, tokens, fleet WashCards, prepaid WashCards along with Visa and Mastercard credit cards in our manual bays. If you need assistance one of our attendants will be happy to help you.

For anybody unable to wash their vehicle, we can even do it for you!


manual payment methods

Automatic Touchless Washing

Our two touchless automatic washes have four wash packages to select from, starting at $10. Ask an attendant if you need help choosing a wash package.

Pay for your wash package via cash, WashCard, credit card swipe (Visa, Mastercard) or tap and pay (Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express).

Please note a surcharge of 20c is charged for credit card transactions. A prepaid WashCard doesn't have any transaction fees and helps you save while washing!


auto payment methods

Dog wash washing dogwash

Dog Washing

Tired of trying to wash your dog in the bath or laundry trough? We have two dog washes with all the warm water, shampoo, conditioner and flea and tick rinse you need!

We accept notes, coins, tokens, fleet WashCards, prepaid WashCards along with Visa and Mastercard credit cards in our dog washes.


dog wash payment methods