Remove Tar from Paintwork

If you have those little black spots or streaks of tar on your vehicles paintwork, it isn't hard to get them off if you use the right products.

Before you wash your vehicle next, get a clean microfibre cloth and a bottle of eucalyptus oil. Put some eucalyptus oil on your cloth and dab it onto the tar spots, wait a minute or two and then gently rub in a circular motion with a new part of the cloth with some more eucalyptus oil on it.

The smaller tar spots should come off very easily, the larger and thicker tar spots will take more effort. As the cloth gets dirtier, move to a new part of the cloth, reapply eucalyptus oil and continue until done.

Once your vehicle has no more tar, give it a wash with soap (not just water) to make sure you don't leave any eucalyptus oil residue.

If you get tar on your vehicle and go straight to a car wash, the tar may come straight off using high pressure hot water. At Cruisers Car Wash, use the 'High Pressure Soap' to try and get recent tar off of your paintwork.